Offering timeless, classic designer shoes with a fresh,
original air, Zena Ziora is a newly conceived brand,
founded by up-and-coming luxury shoe designer, Chiso
Osuji. With the partnership of a traditional, family-run
Italian atelier, Chiso’s eye for alluring art and innovation
has birthed wearable works of art - a collection
of sleek designer heels, displaying a fusion of elegance,
sophistication and modern style.

Inspired by the
essence of femininity and understated glamour.

Words from the founder
Our Made-to-order Model



Promoting boldness and confidence within our community, within our team and with our products and campaigns.


We inspire art and influence the future of footwear and fashion in all things we say, do or create.


Elegance is more than just a style. It’s a standard we follow, an attitude we resonate with and a lifestyle we encourage all backgrounds to adopt.


Our people (customers, employees, supporters) are centre to the brand. What we say, do and create is meaningful and so we stick by it.

Our sole mission is to create shoes that are more than just shoes. We do this with a focus on quality, by encouraging individual taste and giving women a sense of belonging.

We promise to always design wearable works of art without comprising quality and staying true to our values of sophistication and boldness.

We don’t fall short on quality. Ever.